About Us


About Us
The Research Institute on Progress Monitoring is housed at the Institute on Community Integration (UCEDD) and the Department of Educational Psychology, Special Education in the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota. Iowa State University for Science and Technology is a lead collaborator in this research. RIPM is funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs (Grant No. H324H030003), awarded to the Institute on Community Integration.

RIPM Objectives

Establish conceptual framework and research plans for developing a seamless and flexible system of progress monitoring to be used across ages (K-12), abilities, and curricula

Identify and validate progress monitoring strategies in reading, writing, math and science using Curriculum Based Measurement (CBM)

Establish measures that reflect performance and predict progress in the general education curriculum

Develop a process for determining Tables of Probable Success for passing the state standards tests

Evaluate the effects of progress monitoring on student performance and teacher instruction

Assess the effects of instructional context (e.g., intensity and consistency of instruction) on student growth

RIPM Staff

Principal Investigators and Directors


Statistical Advisor

Other Staff and Students
Numerous Graduate Research Assistants and others have assisted with this project over the years, however they are not listed individually.

Federal Project Officer

National Advisory Board Members
The Institute’s National Advisory Board members provide input and guidance to Institute activities.

  • Lynn Fuchs, Ph.D., Vanderbilt University
  • Steve Graham, Ph.D., Vanderbilt University
  • Joe Jenkins, Ph.D., University of Washington
  • Harold Kleinhert, Ph.D, University of Kentucky
  • Ricki Sabia, Parent Member
  • Debbie Speece, Ph.D., University of Maryland


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