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Agreement for the Use of Early Numeracy Measures

By requesting and accepting these measures, you are agreeing to administer them using only the standardized directions and to limit your use of the measures to educational purposes. Teachers, schools, school districts, and multi-district agencies may make unlimited copies of the materials for their internal education use, but the measures may not be sold for profit or disseminated to agencies other than your own. Changes necessary to accommodate students with disabilities (i.e., enlargement, different font) are permissible. Please copy the materials in the current form without modification (leaving items and the RIPM logo intact). Any uses of the Early Numeracy materials that are inconsistent with the provisions of this agreement are not permitted.

While not necessary, we urge communication with the RIPM Lead Researcher to facilitate potential collaboration and ensure appropriate use of the measures. In addition, we assume users will consult technical reports and other available documents to determine if these measures (as investigated to date) are appropriate for your needs.

Prior to providing electronic versions of the measures, we require all users to register so that we may document usage as we pursue additional research. It is important we are able to notify users when new and improved materials are available, whether or not they remain available at no cost.

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