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Researchers involved with the Research Institute on Progress Monitoring (RIPM) have been engaged in work related to the development and use of curriculum-based measurement for performance assessment and progress monitoring for several years.  RIPM, funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP), is in a dissemination phase and is adding to current dissemination strategies by sharing measures, including technical reports and other supporting materials and documents.  

Researchers caution potential users to review the research described in the technical reports before deciding to use the probes since it is important to ensure measures/probes are appropriate for the intended use.  Reviewing the technical report can help potential users determine how and with whom the measures were used in studies, including an understanding of the strength of the measures based on the results.

In addition, we ask potential users to sign an agreement and submit contact information, which is specific to each set of measures below.  Since these measures are in development, we want to ensure we are able to contact you with updates and notices, as needed.

We hope you find RIPM’s work helpful as you work to assess student learning and enhance instruction.  Please feel free to contact the Lead Researchers listed for each of the areas below should you have any questions and especially if you wonder if the measures are appropriate for your intended use.

RIPM Reports and Measures

Early Numeracy

Significant Cognitive Disabilities

Early Writing

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