Staff and Participants



Jeffrey D. Long, Ph.D.

University of Minnesota
Department of Educational Psychology
Office: 320 Burton Hall
178 Pillsbury Drive SE
Minneapolis, MN  55455

Tel. 612-624-9001
My current position is Associate Professor of Educational Statistics, Department of Educational Psychology, University of Minnesota. My area of research is applied statistical methods in psychology and education. I am especially interested in methods of longitudinal data analysis and multivariate methods for ordinal data. I apply my quantitative work to a number of substantive topics in clinical psychology, developmental psychology, and educational psychology. I have authored or coauthored papers that appear in quantitative and substantive journals such as British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology, Multivariate Behavioral Research, Psychological Assessment, Psychological Methods, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, and Journal of Experimental Child Psychology.

I received my degree from the department of Quantitative Psychology, University Of Southern California.


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